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and then, i was like....

sea to the bee
14 June
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16 candles, 1988, ace of base, ani difranco, art museums, asian cuisine, bagels, ben folds five, ben kweller, best friend necklaces, beth hart, bob marley, boyz ii men, burberry, camp ernst, campfires, cat stevens, chapstick, chipotle, chocolate, cincinnati, claude monet, coldplay, conan o'brien, counting crows, dave matthews, death cab for cutie, disney movies, dreadlocks, easy mac, elton john, ferrets, ferris bueller, fionna apple, frank sinatra, full house, g-love and special sauce, g-unit, garden state, gavin degraw, girl interrupted, giselle bundchen, glamour shots by deb, glo-worms, going barefoot, graffiti, hanson, hemp, heroin chic, hot pink, hugh grant, hugs, infomercials, iron chef, jello shots, john kerry, john lennon, john mayer, joseph arthur, jude law, kanye west, kissing, laguna beach, legally blonde, livin' the dream, m.c. hammer, making out, mary-kate olsen, metric, michael moore, mitch hedberg, motion city soundtrack, n.e.r.d, nakedness, natalie portman, noggin, northern kentucky, oasis, outkast, padiddle, panera bread, people watching, pete and pete, photography, pin-up girls, polyphonic spree, project runway, pumps, radiohead, rex kwan do, rocko's modern life, romeo and juliet, salute your shorts, simon and garfunkle, sleeping in general, sleeping outside, smoothie king, something corporate, soy sauce, swimming, the 80's in general, the breakfast club, the get up kids, the lorax, the piano man, the roots, the royal tenenbaums, the spice girls, the strokes, third eye blind, thrift stores, tori amos, uncle jesse, urban outfitters, weaves, weezer, wet hot american summer, what would jesus do?, what would you do?, white boys with afros, wild and crazy kids